Launch: 7 Weeks and Counting

Just seven weeks now until the official launch event for The Red Light Zone and a lot has been happening in the past few days.  My announcement of the book on social media was timed to coincide with the 40th birthday of BBC Radio Scotland. That prompted a call from Sunday Post reporter Janet Boyle who then wrote a very positive piece about the enduring appeal of radio and she included a couple of extracts from the book which she described as “entertaining and rambunctious” – so you can expect to see that quote on a poster soon.  I might skip the headline where I’m described as a “veteran broadcaster”!


Yesterday I made the journey from Inverness to Berwick upon Tweed because the charming crew at Martins the Printer had kindly invited me to watch the book rolling off their huge German presses. I’ve attached some video of that below.  Martins was a family firm for about a hundred years and they undertake all manner of work for all sorts of people. I did glimpse a copy of a new work by a very famous author, but I’m not allowed to breathe a word about that.  It was good to see how the process works and also good to hear that there’s been a bit of a reversal in Scottish and British publishers sending their work to China.

Also this week, I’m able to tell you about my first festival booking. Next March I’ll be on the ‘spoken word’ programme at the Lochwinnoch Arts Festival.  Totally thrilled to be at the same event as one of my favourite authors  – and former Radio Scotland presenter – Bernard MacLaverty.

More soon.


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