Europe Called


This week’s pre-launch happenings included a call from a producer with Talk Radio Europe. She wanted to pencil me in for an interview in January and naturally I agreed and started figuring out how I could get to their studios in Spain. No need, as it  turns out they are happy to do the interview on the phone or on Skype.  That’s a pity.

I first came across TRE when Kaye Adams linked up with them as part of BBC Radio Scotland’s coverage of the European referendum. Last night I tuned in again and, of course, the whole Brexit debate was still occupying the minds of their listeners. I’m sure it will all be done and dusted by the time I make my appearance on their airwaves in January – or maybe not.

In other news, a major Scottish company has got behind the book launch thanks to a daft joke I make about product placement in my acknowledgements section.  No prizes for guessing which company if I tell you I’m now sorted for teacakes and caramel wafers for the next few weeks!

And, I’m now included on the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature programme. That means you can book me for your festival or arts event and the nice people at the SBT will help with a bit of the funding. I might even bring some teacakes too!

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