They are Laughing, Crying and Shaking, but then so am I.

About a month away from the official launch of The Red Light Zone and review copies have been landing on the desks of journalists and radio newsrooms around the country. It’s oddly disquieting to get random messages from people who are actually reading my wee book.  So far, those messages have been positive, even allowing for the text I received from Radio Clyde journo Rob Waller who told me he was speed-reading chapters between news bulletins and was slightly traumatised by my description of the Clyde newsroom in the 1990s.  Similarly my old radio chum, Tom Morton, described the book as funny and moving, but also felt strangely disturbed by memories of our time together in Inverness. David Walker at MFR, meanwhile, has taken his copy home for holiday reading. Lets hope my memories of Moray Firth Radio don’t cause him such anxiety.



Stations like Nation Radio Scotland didn’t exist when I was working in the business, but I’m now a firm fan thanks to a glowing on-air review from Suzie McGuire. She has promised to send me the clip.  Equally blush-worthy was the praise heaped on me by Tessa Williams who interviewed me today on her show for Chat and Spin Radio.

Tessa Williams

Meanwhile, if you are looking to pre-order a copy of the book at a discount price, I see it’s now on the site for just $22.25. But you have to be in Australia. Best stick to Waterstones and if you live here.


One thought on “They are Laughing, Crying and Shaking, but then so am I.

  1. May I point out that the reason I wax vaguely traumatised is that it the description was so on point and redolent of what I recall from the start of my tenure at the tail end of the 1990s.


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