“imbued with a love for the creativity of programme makers”

rlz poster

See? I told you it was a love story. Mary Picken was one of the first reviewers to receive a copy of The Red Light Zone and she kindly gave us an early glance of her article so that we could include a quote in the book itself. Mary’s website liveanddeadly.net is well respected among readers and authors. It’s mainly devoted to crime fiction – one of my own enthusiasms – but Mary spent part of her career working for BBC Nations and Regions and so, as she says, was interested to read my memoirs “partly to see if it rang true”.

Here’s what she thought:

The Red Light Zone – An Insider’s Laugh ‘n’ Tell of BBC Radio by Jeff Zycinski @JeffZycinski @LunicornPress @Lunicorn

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