“and I’d like to thank the Academy…”


The Radio Academy, that is, or, to be specific, the Scotland branch of the Radio Academy. Why? Because these fine folk have organised a classy wee event in Edinburgh where Grant Stott will be ‘in conversation’ with me about my book, my career and my views on everything from the BBC network radio’s London-centric commissioning processes to the recent grim news about the dilution of localness in some areas of commercial radio. Free from the shackles of the Beeb I can say what I like about those things, but mainly I’ll be telling funny stories what goes on behind the scenes in broadcasting and, in the main, the joke is usually on me.

The event is being held on Thursday 14th March at 7pm in the Devil’s Cut – which is the stylish downstairs bit of the Angel’s Share hotel. It’s open to the public – not just radioheads – and you can book a ticket through the Eventbrite.co.uk website.

Radio folk, it has to be said, have been very generous with their feedback and reviews of The Red Light Zone…

and there’s a few such quotes in this little video.  Hope to see you on the night.






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