The Voice of Highland Perthshire


Driving south on the A9 towards Perth, there was a time when there was only one radio station you could listen to, and that was Heartland FM broadcasting out of Pitlochry.  You started to pick it up around Dalwhinnie and listen all the way into Perth city centre. It remains one of the best community based stations in the U’K. and is an excellent source of information if you find yourself stuck in a traffic tailback.

Last week, I finally managed to wangle my way into the Heartland FM studios – now located on the main Atholl Road in the centre of Pitlochry.  Station manager Alistair Smith gave me the guided tour and, as every radio manager does, began with the computer server and other technical gubbins that allows the stations to be heard locally and around the world.  I suspect it’s only radio people who are fascinated by this stuff.

I recorded a long interview with Alistair and he did likewise with me. This wee video gives you a wee flavour of what you can hear and see.



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