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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could go back in time and do your old job  but still keep the knowledge you have gained over, say, the last thirty years?Would you be better at it or worse?  Well, today, I got the chance to find out when I visited MFR (Moray Firth Radio as was) in Inverness.  A lot had changed; the layout of the building, the equipment (except the engineer’s bay was the same mass of cables and spare parts that I remember) and the staff were now so much younger than me.

Content Director, Davey Walker, gave me the guided tour.  I met Jodie McCluskey, presenter of the lunchtime show, and news reporter Isla Todd, who told me she was reading my book and had got to the bit were I was applying for the position as Head of Radio at BBC Scotland.  I didn’t tell her how that worked out. No spoilers.

Then Davey invited me to try my hand at reading a news bulletin. That’s when stage fright almost got the better of me…as you can see in this video.




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