Easter Thanksgiving

Thankyou Slide (2)

This being the Easter weekend, it seems like a good moment to pause, take a breath and reflect on the past twelve weeks or so since we launched the Red Light Zone into the big bad world.  In that time I’ve been travelling up and down the country, speaking in bookshops and village halls and being interviewed by people as far afield Spain and Los Angeles.

I have to say, I’ve loved every minute of it and I really don’t know why some authors complain about the publicity circuit. It’s much more fun than sitting at home watching daytime television and trying to decide whether to invest in a memory foam mattress or a easy-payment funeral plan. Perhaps one leads to the other.

I have a ton of photographs, newspaper cuttings and, more importantly, people to thank. So I’ve bundled all of those things into this one little video. Sorry if  I’ve forgotten anyone. Let’s just assume you’re in there somewhere and, if not, I’ll get you next time.

Happy Easter.







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