Dan, the radio guy.



One of the best moments of this whole book-writing business (so far) was when I was interviewed by one of my top radio heroes, Dan O’Day.  Dan describes himself as just a ‘radio guy’ and never as a consultant – although he has spent many years travelling the globe, sharing his knowledge at radio stations and festivals or holding workshops and seminars in the United States .

I make several mentions of him in The Red Light Zone, because I learned so much from him about what works and what doesn’t on air. It was at one of his two-day events in Hollywood that I was taught the technique of finding and writing comedy by mining memories of things you’d probably rather forget. As Tom Morton pointed out in his review of my book, that’s a theme of many of the stories I tell.

A few week ago, Dan linked up with me from his home in Los Angeles and we just talked…and talked…and talked.  I should warn you, us radio people like nothing more than talking about radio.  Our conversation lasted more than two hours, but I’ve shown you mercy and edited just a half hour section.  Dan has a longer version on his Facebook site and if you want more information about him, go to danoday.com




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