The Mix Tape Mix-Up

drew carson show

It was good fun chatting to Drew Carson, host of the Drew Carson Show on Radio Haver. If you haven’t heard of Radio Haver, I urge you to check it out. It’s an ambitious internet station with a compelling mix of interview shows and music formats and all aimed at the artistic community in Glasgow and beyond. It also plays host to podcasts made by others who share Drew’s aim to offer smart but accessible programming.

Drew Carson linked up with me on Skype to talk about my book, about the future of podcasting, about local journalism, politics, drama and the dangers of getting on the wrong side of egotistic musicians when interviewing them. Drew once had death threats after a show!

At one point, when we were talking about the skills involved in programming a music show, Drew reminded me of the days when we used to make mix tape compilations on cassettes – usually for those special people in our lives or, in my case, a girl at my school who I could only admire from afar.  Have a listen to this wee clip  and then check out Radio Haver for all the other shows in their schedule.



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