See you on Byres Road?

karen dunbar's summer supplement

I’m calling it the ‘season finale’ of my Waterstones bookshops tour. That’s me hedging my bets, just in case there are more Waterstones visits in the coming months, in which case I’ll be touting the summer/autumn or winter tours.  Anyway, this coming Thursday I’m back in the west end of Glasgow. On Byres Road…a part of the city I associate with my early days in the BBC – mainly from before I became a management suit and actually did useful things like make programmes. Oh, there was a time I could name every pub, chip shop and curry house on that stretch of the city from Queen Margaret Drive down to Partick.  I’m sure many of them went bankrupt when I left for Inverness and everyone else crossed the river to the shiny new H.Q. at Pacific Quay.

Lots of stories to tell and hopefully I can persuade a few old radio chums and colleagues to pop along and see me being interviewed by Nation’s Radio Scotland’s Suzie McGuire. Maybe the photographs flashing past in this video might jog a few memories.



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