Backwards down a mountain.


My appearance on Byres Road this week made a piece in the Herald Diary.  Reporter Ken Smith was rather taken with my story about ‘The shy Highland lass who walked backwards down a mountain because she was too embarrassed to call for help”. This true tale was one of my first scoops as a young journalists and came about simply because I asked a colleague what she had got up to at the weekend. Mind you, I might not have been so curious had she not arrived in the office on crutches.

I told the same story to Julie Currie who writes for the Southern Reporter and the Berwickshire News. She included it in her profile piece about me and my days working for the BBC in the Borders. She also described my shock singing debut on stage at the Tait Hall in Kelso.

Julia’s story here


and you can see some more picks from Byres Road on the video below.




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