Fake news and the sex book that never was.

They say one sure way to sell copies of your book is to generate some kind of public contoversy about it.  Well, a bit late in the day, I’ve done just that…albeit thanks to the Fake News Media that Donald Trump is always going on about.

In this case, the fake news is my little way of experimenting with various bits of software and some of those new apps we are being bombarded with on social media these days. So this basic animation comes courtesy of Toonly and the presenters voices are generated by Speechelo. The rest of the mix is done on Wondershare Filmora.

This is how I’m occupying my time while I wait for my tongue-reduction surgery (due in August) and the Editor’s verdict on my next book (due in October).

I dunno, maybe Twilight News Tonight should become a regular feature. Or maybe not.

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