Christmas Lunch


There’s an appendix to The Red Light Zone which I’ve called The Green Light Zone. It’s a list of fifty radio programmes which I’m proud to have commissioned or else had some involvement in the production. Among that fifty is the Radio Scotland Listeners’ Christmas Lunch. I pitched this to the then Head of Radio, Maggie Cunningham, as a way we could kill two festive birds with one stone.  First, we could offer a bit of a thankyou to our audience by inviting them to join their favourite presenters for a big of a nosh-up in the big orchestra studio at Queen Margaret Drive. Secondly, it would allow our presenters to come face to face with the audience so that they could picture them when broadcasting.

We did this for three years in a row – some presenters enjoyed it more than others – and we laid on some cabaret entertainment while our guests were digesting their turkey and pudding.  In this clip from 2003, Gary Robertson invites Robbie Shepherd, Janice Forsyth, Bryan Burnett and Jim Traynor (who was then presenting Your Call) to swap jobs.

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